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About Us

Todd and Jodi Wojtowicz met almost a decade prior to becoming business partners. The two formed Moon Jump Press, LLC shortly after the manuscript for No Chimney? No Problem! was written. They opted not to submit the story to agents and/or publishers, rather they decided on publishing it themselves. Todd and Jodi got right to work and within one year had a new company and book and key gift set available for purchase to the public.

They aren’t stopping there, however. The vision for Moon Jump is to grow over the next several years with the publication of future children’s books. Todd and Jodi look forward to providing new traditions to families for year-round fun! Check back from time to time and see what exciting things Moon Jump Press has to offer.


moon jump press jodiJodi Wojtowicz - CEO
Jodi graduated from Towson University where she earned her Bachelors degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Art. She went on to work for various, large nonprofit organizations before ultimately being hired by a national law firm. Throughout her professional career, Jodi's predominant focus was on marketing and business development. Upon starting a family, she became a full-time mother and most recently formed Moon Jump Press, LLC as a joint venture with her husband, Todd. No Chimney? No Problem! is the first book published by the company.

As Chief Executive Officer of Moon Jump Press, Jodi works closely with Todd to manage this fledgling business. In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities, she works to develop the shared vision for the future of the company.



moon jump press toddTodd Wojtowicz – President
Todd is a Penn State graduate who went on to receive his law degree from Syracuse University. He currently practices as in-house counsel for a multinational application software company and previously for an international academic publisher. Moon Jump Press, LLC is not his first venture as an entrepreneur. He formerly created and ran an online music entertainment magazine.

As President, Todd manages the business operations for Moon Jump Press. He shares the future vision for the company and, with Jodi, aims to grow its published library considerably within the next decade.