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Our Top 5 Christmas Traditions

There are songs about them; movies about them; books about them; they’re one of the most important parts of the Holidays - family traditions! When families create Christmas magic together and then repeat it year after year, it brings a sense of comfort and joy that is so special one treasures it forever.

Many of you have shared with us the wonderful stories of your Christmas traditions, and we love all of your unique ways of celebrating the season. Now we’d like to share our Top 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions with you:

5. The Elf and the Advent

This particular tradition is really two in one. Every year on November 29th, our Elf on the Shelf arrives at some point before bed. He appears in my daughter’s room and brings his book for us to read. Once the kids are asleep, he sets up our family advent calendar and the countdown to Christmas begins!

4. Birthday Visit with Santa

Our daughter was born close to Christmas in December. When she turned one, we had a party the weekend before her big day. When her actual birthday came we wanted to do something fun so, we took her to see Santa for the very first time. That day was so special, we decided to do it again the next year and the year after that! Once she started school, she enjoyed celebrating the day in class with her friends so, we moved our visit with Santa to the weekend before her birthday; we still go every year!

3. Leaving a Note for Santa on Christmas Eve

Many families have this same tradition, but the thing that makes this special for our family is that Santa writes back. He always leaves a personalized note, with specific anecdotes for both of our children. (As does the Tooth Fairy!) These heartwarming correspondence between our kids and Santa are treasured mementoes. Not to mention, it certainly promotes reading and writing.

2. Holiday Toy Donations

Whether it’s Toys for Tots, Adopt-A-Family Christmas giving programs, or hospital book and toy donations, our family does our best to give back every year. This tradition holds a special place in our hearts. It’s hard to put into words, but for a Mark Twain quote I once read, “To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” This is exactly the feeling and meaning behind this tradition.

1. Reading No Chimney? No Problem! and Hanging Our Key for Santa

No Chimney? No Problem! Book & Santa Key Gift Set was created by our family several years ago to appeal to our daughter’s curiosity. We didn’t know then just how important this tradition would become to her and other children across the nation on Christmas Eve. We’re honored to be a part of so many family holiday traditions! Not to mention, I think all parents can relate to the trials and tribulations of getting overly excited kids off to bed on Christmas Eve. No Chimney? No Problem! is the perfect solution! There is nothing more calming than snuggling together in Christmas jammies while reading your favorite holiday book together.  Then you can explain to the children that once their key is hanging on the door for Santa, he knows your house is ready for his delivery, that is to say, "the children are nestled all snug in their beds." Works like a charm!

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Celebrating these traditions every year keeps the magic of Christmas alive in our family.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Weaving family traditions into your holiday festivities makes for a lifetime of memories shared with loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

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