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How to Make the Holidays Just "Right"

The big holiday debate seems to have polar (see what I did there?) opposite sides. On one hand, you have the parents who go over the top in their sweet Pinteresty way trying to manifest Christmas magic at every turn. Then there are those who believe in the simplicity of the holidays; they let the reason for the season speak for itself.

Some parents are tired, over worked and stressed out. Others make a choice to keep things a little less gregarious in an effort to tone down the flash. Some parents look forward with excitement all year for their very own holiday hootenanny to begin.

So, who ultimately wins the debate? The answer is neither, or both! The way to make the holidays just “right” for you and your kin is to stay true to yourself and allow others, without judgement, to do the same. A very “wise” (see what I did there?) person from MTV's reality show Jersey Shore once said, “You do you, Boo.” Or, if you prefer a more sophisticated approach, “To thine own self be true.” That’s all there is to it, do what you want and don’t make anyone else feel bad about how they choose to celebrate.

If you’re not into setting up elaborate elf displays at 11pm, then don’t. If you don't want to bake 17 dozen cookies, or turn your front yard into a circus of blow up decorations, then don’t. But, if you yearn to make the perfect favors for your child’s class, that take you days to complete and 400 sticks of hot glue, then do. If you want to sprinkle reindeer food on the roof, you go right ahead and borrow your neighbors 20ft ladder and climb your way to the top! The point is, don’t feel pressured either way by the opposing side’s point of view. Do it YOUR way, which is obviously the RIGHT way! Create a Christmas that feels appropriate for your family and it will be perfect in EVERY way.

So whether you're low key, or keyed up, “No Chimney? No Problem!" Book & Santa Key Gift Set is the key to a just "right" Christmas. (See what I did there?)

Merry Everyone and Everything!

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