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Children's Book Author Solves Christmas Mystery

A children’s book author answered the all-important question of how Santa gets in to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve with “No Chimney? No Problem!” Book & Santa Key Gift Set.  Jodi Wojtowicz came up with the concept when her daughter asked how Santa would get into their chimneyless home on Christmas Eve.  She explained that he used a magic key, at which point more questions followed.  Wojtowicz began to create a story to satisfy her child’s curiosity, and the idea snowballed.  With the help of her husband Todd, the Wojtowicz’s started their own publishing company, Moon Jump Press, and created "No Chimney? No Problem!."  

This new Christmas Eve tradition is rapidly gaining popularity.  “Busy families are loving the idea of something simple and easy, as opposed to other more labor-intensive Christmas traditions,” said Wojtowicz. 

Every year, families read the book together and then delight in hanging their special Santa key on the door.  “We’ve heard from many families who have adopted the tradition of hanging the key on the door. They’ve told us it has been instrumental in getting excited kids to bed on Christmas Eve. Once that key is hanging, Santa knows that house is ready for his arrival so, from that point forward the children have to stay put in their beds for the night,” explained Wojtowicz.  “Many people travel over the holidays, and ‘No Chimney? No Problem!’ is perfect for little ones who are staying at a hotel and want to make sure Santa has no obstacle, like a missing chimney, to making his delivery.”

The children’s book, illustrated by Breanna Sipple, follows one little girl’s curiosity as she unlocks the magic in this imaginative holiday tale.  The box set includes your very own Santa key.


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