Lead soldier toy,Polish Hussar ,collectable,gift idea,decor,handmade
Lead soldier toy.His Imperial Majesty's own convoy,detailed ,Elite.handpainted
Lead soldier,Elite painting.Sergeant of the Teutonic Order,gift idea,handmade VOTE  ()

Asian stocks, yuan fall as Sino-U.S. trade talks deadlocked; investors await China retaliation

Added 05-13-19 12:03:02am EST - “U.S. stock futures and Asian shares fell on Monday on growing anxiety over wheth...” - Reuters.com

Lot 2 x ELASTOLIN LINEOL prewar soldier Wachbatallion Wehrmacht 7cm


SG700-S Foldable RC Quadcopter Remote APP Palm Control 1080P WiFi Double Camera


SG900-S RC Foldable Smart Selfie GPS Drone 1080P HD Camera Altitude Hold NZZg
SH5HD RC Quadrocopter WIFI FPV Drohne mit 2MP HD Kamera 2.4GHz 4CH 4 Achsen Gyro Screenshot Thegatewaypundit.com

Study Finds Severe Liberal Bias in Google's ‘Top Stories' Section

Added 05-12-19 07:41:02pm EST - “While most conservatives know that Google has a serious liberal bias, a new study has proved that it may be worse than many even thought. According to a study published in the Columbia Journalism Review, 86 percent of Google's "Top…” - ELASTOLIN LINEOL sitting german Luftwaffe officer & sword vehicle crew passenger


Sharper Image Rechargeable DX-4 HD Video Streaming Edition Drone - NEW
SJ R C S30W 720P Adjustable Wide Angle Camera Dual GPS FPV RC Drone Hovering LD
Screenshot Reuters.com
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Added 05-12-19 08:03:02pm EST - “Cho Min-kyong boasts an engineering degree from one of South Korea's top un...” -

SONIC MODELL Mini AR Wing 600mm Wingspan EPP RC FPV Fixed Wing Airplane PNP Wz


VOTE  () Elastolin Vintage 1950s German BOX ONLY Knight Long Lance & Shield Up

Resurfaced video shows Joe Biden pushing border fence, calling for employers who hired 'illegals' to be punished

Added 05-11-19 01:29:01pm EST - “Former Vice President Joe Biden, while a senator in 2006, advocated for a southern border wall and punishment for employers who hired illegal immigrants.” - Excellent Vintage Elastolin Mounted Mongol Archer in Action

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Added 05-13-19 12:13:03am EST - “U.S. consumers and businesses will suffer from Chinese tariffs, a contradiction of what the President has been saying, National Economic Council head Larry Kudlow told Fox News on Sunday.” -

Tared T-3D IV Metal 3-Axis HERO4 SESSION Gimbal For GOPRO Drone - TL3T02


Teeggi M69 FPV Drone with 720P Wide-angle WiFi Camera HD Foldable RC Mini Quadco
T-Motor BMS Racing Raptor Series 2306.5 2000kv Motor
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Added 05-13-19 12:36:03am EST - “The Mayor of London (pictured), who has feuded with Mr Trump since before either of them took office, is not on the guest list for the white-die dinner hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.” - Dailymail.co.uk

UDI RC UDI U842-1 Lark Quadcopter with FPV with 2.4GHz Video Camera.


VAS Crosshair XTREME 2.4GHz Antenna (LHCP)
VISUO XS809S Battles Sharks Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter With Wide Angle Camera Drone
Screenshot Nydailynews.com
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Added 05-12-19 05:13:03am EST - “The loudest alarm of the decade rang last Monday, and whether you heard it as a quaint tinkle, a scary clang or not at all, it signaled that the most urgent news on planet Earth doesn't emanate from congressional committees or executive…” - Nydailynews.com

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Screenshot Thegatewaypundit.com
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Added 05-13-19 01:41:02am EST - “Joey Gibson is a conservative activist and founder of the Patriot Prayer group in Portland, Oregon. The liberal media and far left groups claim Joey is far right or alt-right. Gibson supports a pathway to citizenship for non-criminal…” - GREY IRON CAST IRON 6 PIECE EARLY SOLDIER LOT EX


Xciterc Race-Copter Dragon 250 Rtb - Ready-To-Bind Quadrocopter with Battery
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